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[Overwatch] Team Singapore announces 7-man Roster

At 10am Singapore time today, the Blizzard Embargo on the Team Singapore Overwatch roster was lifted. With that, Nicholas “Caldoran” Tay, Community Lead for Team Singapore swiftly announced the official 7-man roster. Image Credit: warmskies_ It was after a long and tough selection process for Coach Seetoh “JohnGalt” Jian...

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Community Spotlight: Afiz Bin Mohamed Noor

This is Afiz. He’s the face behind the Overwatch Singapore Community Facebook group, this means he’s responsible for providing much of the information to the community. He also happens to be a shoutcaster who provides assistance to clients in esports/gaming events. (I also) did some community events as well such as the Brigitte...

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Overwatch Uprising Starts Today

Overwatch’s latest event features a couple of new co-op modes, angry robots, and some sweet new skins. Overwatch Uprising Take back King’s Row from the omnic uprising in this new event that takes place seven years in the past. Team up with three of your friends to reenact Tracer’s first mission, together with Torbjörn,...

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