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Wild Rift: First Impressions

Wild Rift is a visually stunning and seamless experience. However, it definitely has some hard decisions to make in order to improve the user experience. While Wild Rift started from a point where it tries to emulate the Summoners’ Rift (SR) experience, users should expect the game to start deviating from it’s PC counterpart as the game continues to find its footing.

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[Lolesports] PCS unveils 2021 PCS Promotion Qualifier

The inaugural year of the League of Legends Pacific Championships Series (PCS) saw 10 teams compete over two splits for PCS glory and the chance to represent the region at global events, including Worlds. As the PCS continues their commitment to developing the league and increasing the level of League of Legends competition in the region, they...

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Jensen Goh: “Splyce had custom-made balls made of dates, nuts and cocoa coated with coconut and salt…we beat Origen with superior nutrition.”

Jensen “Jstorm” Goh is a homegrown Singaporean who has coached professional League of Legends teams across 7 countries in the last three years. Working with Splyce in 2019, the team finished top 8 at the World Championship, climbing out of the play-ins and the group stage to make the quarterfinals. Carrying a diverse portfolio, he shares what...

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[VCS] LowKey’s Demon Comp is Hot

If you thought that Team Liquid’s recent Glacial Comp against Team SoloMid was cool, you haven’t seen Lowkey Esports (LK) play a burning hot demon comp against Team Flash (FL) in the Vietnam Championship Series (VCS). For the uninitiated, A full demon comp provides 60% chance to burn the enemy’s mana on hit in League of...

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Teamfight Tactics: A Quick Peek

I had to opportunity to be first of many to try Teamfight Tactics (TFT) on the PBE Server thanks to Garena. I was given a PBE account to try it out, and try I did. Rough on the EdgesThe game is good and engaging enough to keep me occupied for hours on end. Unfortunately, my main gripe about the game remains to be the Shop UI. What’s Wrong...

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LST 2019 Summer Qualifiers are now Open

The League of Legends SEA Tour (LST), previously known as the Garena Premier League, is back for Summer 2019. Grab your team and sign up for the SEA Tour here. The Nitty GrittyPlayers in Thailand (TH), Singapore and Malaysia (SAM) and Philippines (PH) servers, and age above 17 before June 30, 2019. No Player shall be considered eligible to...

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Esports Spotlight: Shoutcaster Terence ‘Offnight’ Chan

Casters bring a game to life. They serve as an audio director, directing eyes towards the hectic action on the screen. They serve as storytellers as well, explaining the context behind each and every decision made by players. All this has to be done in quick succession, while still observing the screen and processing them into words. One of these...

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