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Runes Reforged – By the Numbers

With Season 7 coming to an end, big changes are coming to League of Legends. From franchising to Blue Essence changes, the game is evolving as a whole, and with it comes one things that affect players, from professionals to casuals alike. Runes Reforged, a complete overhaul of the old runes and masteries that League of Legends ran since day one, is here to stay. Here is the quick guide to each rune in the tree, with specific runes pointed out...

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The Best of the Best: Standout Players in Worlds 2017

League of Legends Worlds 2017 is definitely a much more eventful tournament than the predecessors. We have stories coming in such as the near-dethroning of SK Telecom T1 by both Royal Never Give Up and Misfits, the actual dethroning of SK Telecom T1 by Samsung Galaxy, the North America Week Two special, Fnatic’s miracle 0-4/4-0 run and many more. With that being said, let’s look into the top players that made this Worlds an...

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Last March Out: ahq Chawy on his Career, Worlds and the Future

The first time I saw him was in a dimly lit hundred-seater stadium. The Taipei Assassins had just won the World Championship 2012 a month before. My country’s representatives, the Singapore Sentinels (SGS), rose above teams from Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam to reach the finals of the first ever Garena Premier League (GPL). SGS were...

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Words 2017 Day 6 Summary

Things are picking up as half of the groups have been resolved. RNG has surprised the world by taking a commanding 5-1 over Samsung, only dropping a game against G2 Esports. Today’s games should be very interesting, with a three way tie. I do expect TSM to make it out of the group, along with Misfits. The Flash Wolves are not totally out of...

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Exclusive: SSG Ruler on Uzi “He is a really good player but I don’t think he’s unbeatable.”

Samsung Galaxy and Royal Never Give Up had both already qualified for Quarterfinals by mid day. In the last game of Worlds 2017 Group C, they fought for first seed and for pride. Like in week one, RNG beat the Koreans by playing aggressively. The Uzi show, no doubt, is just beginning. They left no room for Samsung to scale and kept the pressure...

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Words 2017 Day 3 Summary

Day 3 had its own mix of tight games, and stomps. Three of the games had 0 kills on one side of the team – RNG, Misfits, and G2 all won in dominating fashion. EDG has dropped to a very difficult 0-3, and their chances of making it out of group A look very bleak. Galio and Kalista were still generally banned, though Galio got through one...

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