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Female Esports League Elite comes to Shocking Conclusion

After nearly two whole months of competition across Singapore/Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, the Female Esports League Elite came to an explosive conclusion yesterday at the Singtel Recreation Club. Teams Asterisk* (ASTK) [Singapore/Malaysia], Barcy Esports (BE) [Philippines], Close Behind E-Sport (CBE) [Thailand] and EVOS Valkyrie...

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Cloud9’s Ascension from 10th to Worlds Quarterfinals sets precedent on NA’s current formula

Growing Pains When the NALCS moved towards franchising, there was a frantic scramble for players from multiple teams. Many were speculating on teams’ strengths in the Spring Split and hoping that franchising would be the push NA needed to become more relevant internationally. When push came to shove, teams still favored veterans and imports over...

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AFS Kuro on Best Mid Laner in Group A: I think it’s G2 Perkz

The Afreeca Freecs may have started poorly this Group Stage, but when it mattered, they sprinted to the finish line taking First Seed in Group A. We caught up with Kuro on his thoughts on the day of matches. Congratulations securing first seed in the Group. After starting 1-2, you managed to finally turn it around. How is the team feeling now? It...

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[League of Legends] FNC Bwipo on Bot Lane sub: It’s something we keep in the back pocket

FNC destroyed G-Rex in convincing fashion today. We caught up with FNC Bwipo on their dominating win and his thoughts on groups. Congratulations on your win against G-Rex today. You’re now 2-1 and look to exit the group in dominating fashion. How is Fnatic feeling right now? I haven’t got to talk to my teammates yet. But I’m pretty sure we’re...

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[League of Legends] AFS Kramer: I feel that RNG is probably one of the best teams here at Worlds

Earlier today, we saw Afreeca Freecs finally take their first win against Phong Vũ Buffalo. We caught up with him on his thoughts of meeting his former teammates and Royal Never Give Up. Congratulations on your first win against Phong Vũ Buffalo. This was a crucial win for you. What is the current team condition right now? Right now, we just want...

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[League of Legends] EDG Ray: When I was in Cloud9, Impact helped me out a lot and taught me a lot

Ray finally met up with Impact on the rift today to fulfill his promise. We caught up with EDG Ray on his thoughts on Impact, his time at NA and the LPL’s strong showing at Worlds. Congratulations Ray on your win against TL today. It was close, but you managed to get the win in the end. What was the team atmosphere like during the game? In...

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[League of Legends] Gen.G CoreJJ: After the first year I was back from NA, I really missed NA a lot

After a rough start to the Group Stage, Gen.G finally grabbed their first win against Cloud9, placing the the bottom 3 teams in a tie for 2nd place. We spoke to Gen.G’s support CoreJJ for his insights as well as his previous stay in NA. Congratulations on your first win against Cloud9 today. After 2 very rough days, you managed to take this...

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[League of Legends] IG Duke: We heard that Fnatic was a really good team. Seeing them today, I think it is true. So I think they will be a hard matchup.

Invictus Gaming played their first game of Worlds today with a close game against G-Rex until they turned it on in the mid game. We spoke to Duke to find out his thoughts on the game as well as their most feared opponent in the Group. Congratulations on your win today against G-Rex. It was rather close until the mid game. What’s the team morale...

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[League of Legends] SwordArt on Kramer: We have a chance to prove which bot lane is better

Flash Wolves came out swinging in Day 1 of Group Stage, taking an 11-1 kill score against PVB and ending the game in 27 minutes. We spoke to SwordArt on their first win and his thoughts on his upcoming matches. Congratulations on the Win. Excellent strategy of Sion Mid to beat out PVB. Was this something that you and your team planned to use from...

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