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Team SMG Partners Up With Under Armour

Team SMG (as you might remember – is an esports team venture with JJ Lin) has announced a 1-year partnership with Under Armour. You might be familiar with Team SMG from their various teams in either Valorant (SG), MLBB (MY), or PUBGM (MY). They’ve been making waves not just in tournaments, but with partnerships, like with NESCAFÉ...

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[Lolesports] PCS unveils 2021 PCS Promotion Qualifier

The inaugural year of the League of Legends Pacific Championships Series (PCS) saw 10 teams compete over two splits for PCS glory and the chance to represent the region at global events, including Worlds. As the PCS continues their commitment to developing the league and increasing the level of League of Legends competition in the region, they...

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SINGAPORE – Team SMG (Still Moving Under Gunfire) revealed their roster for the newly released first person shoot (FPS) game, Valorant by Riot Games. The all-Singaporean roster, previously known as GMCC, comprises veterans who had played professionally in FPS game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and came out tops in TheGym MY/SG Final Countdown...

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Jensen Goh: “Splyce had custom-made balls made of dates, nuts and cocoa coated with coconut and salt…we beat Origen with superior nutrition.”

Jensen “Jstorm” Goh is a homegrown Singaporean who has coached professional League of Legends teams across 7 countries in the last three years. Working with Splyce in 2019, the team finished top 8 at the World Championship, climbing out of the play-ins and the group stage to make the quarterfinals. Carrying a diverse portfolio, he shares what...

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TNC March: I was offered to be a coach and I was offered to be a player; the opportunity to be a player was better

TNC Predator Tae-won “March” Park’s journey took him from being a player, to coach and now a player again. Here he shares with us why he chose Dota 2 over League of Legends and his experiences playing on different teams. Why did you choose to be a pro player for Dota 2 instead of League of Legends? Mach: Dota 2 came out before League of Legends....

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TNC Kpii: Teams like Vici, they are doing very well (in this patch) because they are aggressive as f**k

We caught up with Kpii in the ONE Esports Pro World Invitational and asked him a few questions about the meta, and his favorite Filipino food. What do feel about the state of the game right now, any thoughts on the meta changes? This meta is much more fast-paced for a few reasons. One is (the) outposts, you kind of have fight all the time (around...

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TNC Tims: We used to shout in the mic when we were 5 Pinoys

We caught up with TNC’s Pos 4 player Timothy “Tims” Randrup in the ONE Esports Pro World Invitational held in Singapore. What do you feel about the new patch? Do you feel it changes anything for Pos 4? For Pos 4, nothing much changed, maybe just the item drop RNG which is fine. Now it’s about the map, like controlling outposts. Do you think...

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PSG.LGD xNova: As a support, you get any neutral items that the cores don’t need. Yeah, just pick up the rubbish.

The ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore is in full swing. While PSG.LGD bowed out earlier in the tournament, we sat down and caught up with the TI9 3rd Place/TI8 Runner-Up team member xNova. We rarely see rosters stick together, but the current LGD squad has been successful together for almost 2 full years. Do you feel sticking...

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Gambit Fng: In SEA people will have fun, scream at microphone, do some weird stuff, but still have fun

As CIS players, what is your opinion on the massive CIS shuffle? A lot of new blood came into the CIS scene so right now it’s kind of a mess. The CIS scene is obviously not doing so well but I am sure with time we will get better and the CIS scene will get better. Speaking of CIS, you seem to be able to form teams with new younger players often....

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