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The Chongqing Major Mishaps

In a strange series of events, multiple Dota personalities, staff, and players, seem to have fallen sick, or ate something bad. Starting with the incident stemming months ago around TNC and Kuku, leading to the player getting banned from the Major. Tensions were rising when fans all wanted to call for Valve to take action. Not normally known for...

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Mineski Pro Team announces new roster for 2018-2019 DPC season

Mineski had a respectable 2017-2018 season, winning the DAC Major in a magical run, defeating the TI8 Grand Finalists LGD twice in that tournament. The mixed SEA team then seemed to have lost their momentum coming into TI8, placing Top 12. A New Mineski for 2018-2019 Mineski rounds up their roster by adding former MVP Phoenix teammates Kpii...

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[TI8] Main Stage Day 4 – Evil Geniuses Secure Top 4

Day 4 is a much more relaxed day, with only 3 series (yesterday’s 4 series went all the way until midnight). Here’s a TLDR: Virtus Pro eliminate Optic Gaming in a 2-1. Team Secret figure out VGJ.Storm and wipe them 2-0. Will face Team Liquid tomorrow. Evil Geniuses prove to be better than the slumping Virtus Pro, ending them in 2-0....

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[TI8] Main Stage Day 3 – OG and LGD Secure Top 3

We finally get a 3 game series in Day 3! TLDR MUST WATCH – Anime fight between OG and EG. Scroll down below for rundown, VGJ.Storm eliminate Winstrike Team in a convincing 2-0. Team Secret force a Game 3 against Vici Gaming, and eliminate them (must watch!) PSG.LGD is the last Chinese team in the tournament, defeating defending champions...

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[TI8] OG has already gone further in TI8 than previous years

With the earlier departure of Fly and S4 from OG, OG looked to be in shambles. The roster already could not qualify via DPC points, as they’ve replaced Resolut1on earlier in the year, with Ceb subbing in. They needed two players on short notice to fill the roster, and most decent and available players have already made it to other teams,...

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[TI8] Main Stage Day 1 Summary

Day 1 of The International is always the hardest – we see 4 Lower Bracket teams eliminated in unceremonious BO1s. And in this TI, it feels like it was worse as everyone seemed to be competitive in their own right. Yesterday, I put some predictions down. The seeding made sense to me, and the teams that chose their matchups ideally...

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[TI8] Main Stage Day 1 Previews and Expectations

Main Event – Day 1 Schedule The International 2018 has delivered so far with great games, and very close standings – especially the crazy Group B fiesta. With the Group Stage results, we saw Invictus Gaming and Pain Gaming take an early exit out of the tournament. The top upper bracket teams (Team Liquid and VGJ.Storm) then had the...

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