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The International Battle Pass 2017

$20,770,460. Twenty million. Dota’s The International always breaks the record for the largest prize pool for any esports competition – specifically its own record. This is achieved through the support of millions of fans across the world through in-game purchases related to the event, and this year’s slew of loot and perks from...

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Dota 2 Matchmaking Update

Valve has come bearing great news for ranked Dota games. Many players have expressed frustration with matchmaking – getting smurfs, toxic teammates, getting premade groups in your team and/or the enemy team even in┬ásolo queue. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) was the first to introduce Prime Matchmaking, which involved a separate...

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[Patch] DotA 7.04 Patch Notes and Quick Take

Another patch for balance tweaks. They’ve nerfed Abaddon a little since he’s been doing so well in pubs. Magnus has been hit too as he’s been starting to become a power pick. I’m personally really happy with the Puck buffs as he’s not been doing well lately, statistically.

Keep an eye on the following heroes: Bristleback, Broodmother, Lycan, and Puck as they’ve been tweaked lately.

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DotA 7.02 Patch Notes and Quick Analysis

TL;DR Talent tree tweaks across the board.. XP gain talents generally increased, and some Talents were rearranged. Luna and Monkey King nerfed. I’ve put some talents in BOLD that I thought may be interesting. What I’m excited about is the Fog of War simulator. Most would learn how to figure out what certain wards see, with some set...

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2017 Lunar New Year Events

Happy Lunar New Year! With every New Lunar Calendar Year, games celebrate their Asian fanbase with events and limited items related to the occasion. Here’s a quick rundown of the events you won’t want to miss due to the limited items: Overwatch January 24 – February 13, 2017 Overwatch’s limited events are one of the best,...

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ESL One Genting – Picks and Bans

ESL One Genting is the first major tournament in patch 7.00 and beyond, and this is the first time we’re seeing the top tier teams play this patch. Since the patch is new, the meta is arguably nowhere close to being solved, which can be seen in the varying styles the teams are trying out. Something very apparent though – the game is...

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DotA 2 Patch 7.00 Analysis

The 7.00 patch notes are out on the test realm and will hit the live servers in a few days. Quick takeaways: Supports now have more things to do, and have a clearer goal. Stack camps on odd minutes, and go for runes on even minutes. Gank anytime in between. Shrines make the game faster paced. Less going back early in the game. With less neutrals...

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A New Era – 7.00

So the big patch is coming in a two hours – what we thought was 6.89 is announced to be 7.00 instead. All we know is Monkey King is making an appearance as the first DotA 2 hero (all the heroes thus far are original DotA ports). So what does 7.00 signify? Here are my speculations: New, original heroes (obviously!) and mechanics Monkey...

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