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[TI8] Main Stage Day 1 Summary

Day 1 of The International is always the hardest – we see 4 Lower Bracket teams eliminated in unceremonious BO1s. And in this TI, it feels like it was worse as everyone seemed to be competitive in their own right. Yesterday, I put some predictions down. The seeding made sense to me, and the teams that chose their matchups ideally...

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[TI8] Main Stage Day 1 Previews and Expectations

Main Event – Day 1 Schedule The International 2018 has delivered so far with great games, and very close standings – especially the crazy Group B fiesta. With the Group Stage results, we saw Invictus Gaming and Pain Gaming take an early exit out of the tournament. The top upper bracket teams (Team Liquid and VGJ.Storm) then had the...

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The Ohaiyo Saga Fallout

We’re following the events happening around the Fnatic roster change involving Ohaiyo. After the initial announcement, there was much speculation around the community, with people showing frustrations with EternalEnvy and the Fnatic organization, and strong opinions from some players and managers in the region. Here’s a quick timeline...

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Fnatic drops Ohaiyo, Universe to join team as Offlaner

Update (13th Jan), Ohaiyo has confirmed that he has indeed left Fnatic: Sources have confirmed that Ohaiyo has been removed from Fnatic today, shortly after qualifying for the ESL One Katowice Major. Universe has also been reported to already be in Malaysia, staying not far away from the Fnatic team house.  Ohaiyo was the last remaining member of...

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Team Liquid are your TI7 Champions!

Liquid are doing it! The iconic line when they beat LGD in TI3. It has been repeated again and again in The International as Team Liquid made their way through a lower bracket, after a surprising upset from IG in their very first main stage series. Liquid had a mountain to climb – two of the strongest Chinese teams in LFY and Newbee, in...

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The International 2017 Main Stage Day 5: Top 3, and Hero Reveals

Team Liquid remains the only non-Chinese team in The International, and must fight a difficult 3 games to win The International. Meanwhile Newbee and LFY sit at the top, fighting to secure a Grand Finals appearance. LGD vs IG Result: 2-0 (Winner: LGD) One of the fastest Best of 3’s, and possibly the quickest series this TI, LGD took a total...

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The International 2017 Main Stage Day 4: The Lower Brackets

Day 4 features three elimination matches in the Lower Brackets, all Best of 3s. Fan favorites Team Liquid and OG both seek to avoid elimination. Team Liquid vs Team Empire Result: 2-0 (Winner: Team Liquid) Team Liquid caught on Resolut1on’s Sven, which was very key in Empire’s victory against EG. Team Liquid was able to beat out the...

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The International 2017 Main Stage Day 3: Deja Vu

It’s halfway through The International and we’re looking at a clearer picture – Chinese teams are doing fantastic. However, Day 3’s matches showcase a rerun of last year’s Lower Bracket matches – TNC vs OG, and DC vs LGD. TNC vs OG Result: 0-2 (Winner: OG) Last year, OG’s surprising early exit was caused...

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