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Author: Wei Hao Tan

[League of Legends] SwordArt on Kramer: We have a chance to prove which bot lane is better

Flash Wolves came out swinging in Day 1 of Group Stage, taking an 11-1 kill score against PVB and ending the game in 27 minutes. We spoke to SwordArt on their first win and his thoughts on his upcoming matches. Congratulations on the Win. Excellent strategy of Sion Mid to beat out PVB. Was this something that you and your team planned to use from the beginning. Actually Maple has a very wide Champion Pool, so we decided to use his Sion Mid to control the lane. There were so many rumours about PVB being very strong, what is...

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[League of Legends] And then there were 16

With the Worlds 2018 Play-In Stage all wrapped up with little to no surprises, here are the Groups for the Main Stage. As expected, Cloud9 and G-Rex were automatically seeded to Groups B and D respectively while G2 took Group A with EDG at Group C. G2 did not want Group A and Team Liquid definitely did not want EDG in their group. With the rise of many Asian teams, things are looking dire for the NA and EU teams this year. Worlds 2018 continues 10 Oct 2018 3pm...

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[League of Legends] Worlds Groups: The Short End of the Stick

With Worlds starting in exactly 8 days time, Flyquest Top Laner Flame drew out the groups for Play-Ins as well as the Main Event. Naturally, LMS 3rd seed G-Rex is considered the weakest of all Pool 1 Seeds and will look to rectify HKA’s loss last year, being the only team from a major region that dropped out of the Play-Ins. Notable teams such as SuperMassive from the TCL and Gambit Esports from LCL will be fighting for a chance at redemption once again from their performances at MSI 2018. This is Kabum’s reunion with Cloud 9 as well and only time will tell if they have the same friendly relationship they had in 2014. Any Group that has an LPL and an LCK team in them are naturally groups of death. Any other team trying to take the top 2 spots to break into Playoffs will have to work extra hard. The LPL has had a Golden year with RNG leading the charge, taking down former Goliaths from the LCK, who are now stronger and angrier than ever before. RNG will be grouped with Gen.G once again for a third year running. Is Worlds truly scripted? What do you think of the Groups drawn. Do any of the teams you support have any hope left? Worlds Play-Ins start 1 Oct...

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[League of Legends] Flash Wolves dismantle MAD Team and sets their sights at Worlds 2018

Last weekend, Flash Wolves took on MAD Team in the LMS Finals where both teams competed for Worlds Seeding since they both already qualified for Worlds. Naturally, Flash Wolves took the series easily in a 3-0. But it was not without any heart palpitations. MAD Team did everything they could to keep the series competitive, with Hsiao “Kongyue” Jen-Tso and Huang “Breeze” Chien-Yuan exhibiting spectacular performances against the veteran squad. Unfortunately, MAD were still too fresh and made too many mistakes, resulting in a clean sweep against them. Flash Wolves fought that final using veteran Top Laner Yu “MMD”...

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Contra: Return comes to SEA on Mobile

Garena has announced the start of the South-East Asia pre-registration for Contra: Return (Contra), the highly anticipated mobile game from the classic “Contra” franchise, co-developed by both Tencent’s Timi Studios and Konami. The free-to-play SEA server is slated to release for the countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. Players who pre-register now will receive diamonds, gold and other bonus in-game items for free upon the launch of the game. Contra: Return is different from previous Contra instalments in various aspects: Rech-fictional elements Modern game modes Updated game graphics “Ultimate” abilities Contra: Return also sports the following Modes...

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