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Author: Wei Hao Tan

Rift Rivals 2017: LMS has tough climb ahead

It is difficult to describe the teams representing LMS at Rift Rivals without the context of first half of the LMS Summer Split. The standings as of now have baffled even veteran LMS analysts. None of the teams at Rift Rivals are at the top of the table. Raising the hopes of LMS? Newly promoted Raise Gaming sits at the top at the table at 6-1, only losing a BO3 series to their promotion tournament nemesis, Wayi Spider. Their unorthodox strategy of pushing side lanes before collapsing into the mid lane has caught many teams off guard from the...

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LMS: Flash Wolves stumbling downhill

After a grueling trip halfway around the world to compete in the Mid-Season Invitational 2017 in Brazil, the Flash Wolves (FW) are experiencing a series of unfortunate events. The team has been hit by health issues and player behaviors that have implicated the roster, and results.

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Riot announces Reforged Runes and New Honor system

In the latest Riot Pls video, Lead Producer New001 shared upcoming updates regarding Runes, the Honor system, 10 Ban system, Voice Chat, and more. The update covered very exciting changes that yet again could shift the way League of Legends is played – possibly more so than previous iterations of Runes and Masteries. Here’s a quick rundown of the changes mentioned: More bugfixes and implementation of item sets are on the way New Rune system will combine Runes and Masteries All Runes will be FREE More Keystone Runes are available and are intended to grant a lot more power to than...

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MSI 2017 Group Stage Delivers Rollercoaster Ride

The Mid Season Invitational 2017 Group Stage has finally come to an end. After a grueling 5 days worth of League of Legends, we are finally down to 4 teams. However, the journey that brought us these 4 teams was not without strife. Usually the tournament’s top 4 teams would have been decided way before the last few games of a Group Stage. This time, the outcome was not certain up to the very last game. That was parity between the teams. Still at the top The only constant was that SKT T1, who dominated the Group Stage with 8-2, only dropping games to...

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MSI 2017: Day 1 Matches to Watch

After an arduous 2 weeks on Play-Ins, we are finally on to the Main Event at the Mid Season Invitational 2017. A total of 36 games will be played over 5 days starting May 10. If you are strapped for time, here are some of the games that should pique your interest more than others. (Chronologically) Game 2: WE vs FW Flash Wolves came into the tournament demolishing Supermassive in a convincing 3-0. But as they have not truly been tested against stronger teams, we do not know if they can execute their clean play against the likes of WE. Similarly,...

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