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Author: Wei Hao Tan

Rift Rivals Red 2017: LMS can leave with heads held high

Even the LMS analysts had no hope for the region. Most teams braced themselves for a 0-8 finish in the Group Stage. Imagine their surprise when M17 took a game off OMG, who had a 6-0 standing for LPL. M17 after earning LMS their first win of the competition In a way, M17’s Day 1 win gave LMS the hope to do well, riding on the wave of their victory to try even harder than they ever had before. As Day 2 approached, all LMS teams entered with renewed vigor, ready to strike at the teams that were in...

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Rift Rivals Red Day 4 Recap

LPL barely took down LMS yesterday to face LCK in the finals today. A battle for regional pride was on the line as all LCK coaches predicted a 3-0 while LPL’s coaches were adamant against that scoreline. SSG vs EDG EDG took a commanding lead from start to finish. While SSG managed to take 7 kills off EDG by the end, Zet finished it all off with a Quadra kill near Baron to secure LPL’s first win. WE vs SKT WE’s Mystic secured a critical First Blood against Faker. Faker continued to have a tough time as Condi jumped...

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Rift Rivals Red Day 3 Recap

LMS faced LPL in a battle for supremacy today, as well as the right to face LCK at the finals. Here’s how it all went down. JT vs WE WE spared no effort in quickly banning the Thresh and picking Kalista from Bebe. Both teams went even for the first 20 minutes. But WE eventually pulled ahead by taking Dragons and Barons, finally winning a crucial teamfight at 34 minutes. It was curtains for J Team at that point. OMG vs FW FW’s SwordArt was banned out heavily, but came out swinging with his Blitzcrank. His hooks were on...

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Rift Rivals: Red Day 2 Recap

The day started off the LCK in the lead with 3 points, followed by LPL at 2 and unexpectedly, LMS with 1 point. M17 vs MVP MVP started the game with a disastrous invade, ceding 2 kills to M17’s Apex. Fortunately for them, M17 was running a late game protect-the-carry composition and required time to scale. MVP managed to claw back the gold lead in the mid game, taking teamfight after teamfight with the Kalista-Rakan combo. Eventually, Max landed a huge 4-man knock-up that sealed M17’s fate. RNG vs KT KT’s first game in Rift Rivals also happened to...

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Rift Rivals: Red Day 1 Recap

The first day of Rift Rivals: Red has come and gone. As the top Asian teams clashed, sparks flew and the current standings are as follows: JT vs SSG J Team started the day off with a questionable draft of Kalista-Braum bottom lane when Thresh was still readily available to be picked. This would eventually come back to bite them as they transited from a decent early game into an indecisive mid game baron dance with no clear-cut engage tool. Eventually, Samsung took advantage of this. They choked JT out of the Baron pit, outscaled them and took the...

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