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Author: Wei Hao Tan

Cloud9’s Ascension from 10th to Worlds Quarterfinals sets precedent on NA’s current formula

Growing Pains When the NALCS moved towards franchising, there was a frantic scramble for players from multiple teams. Many were speculating on teams’ strengths in the Spring Split and hoping that franchising would be the push NA needed to become more relevant internationally. When push came to shove, teams still favored veterans and imports over local talent; resulting in a simple shuffle of players in the NALCS instead of the injection of home-grown talent into the mix. Only 2 rookies in Matthew “Deftly” Chen and Eric “Licorice” Ritchie were inducted into the NALCS from what was supposed to be...

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AFS Kuro on Best Mid Laner in Group A: I think it’s G2 Perkz

The Afreeca Freecs may have started poorly this Group Stage, but when it mattered, they sprinted to the finish line taking First Seed in Group A. We caught up with Kuro on his thoughts on the day of matches. Congratulations securing first seed in the Group. After starting 1-2, you managed to finally turn it around. How is the team feeling now? It definitely was a tough Group Stage. The fact that we managed to pass is great so the team is feeling good. How did Afreeca Freecs manage to find their form after just one day? We has...

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RNG Xiaohu on Jensen: He’s one of the better Zileans out there

Royal Never Give Up ended Groups with First Seed but the journey to get there was a tumultuous one against Team Vitality and Cloud9. Congratulations making into Quarterfinals. You guys had a scare against Vitality and Cloud9 today, what are your thoughts on that? We thought that there would at least be one upset, but losing two games was rather surprising. These two teams did very well to change my perception of them. They did well to find solutions against our strategy. Cloud9 look like they are on a huge upswing, what do you think of Jensen’s Zilean? I...

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[League of Legends] KT Ucal on who he wants to face: Royal Never Give Up

KT kicked off the day with an explosive game against MAD Team, shutting them down early and strangling them to victory. We spoke to Ucal on his thoughts of LCK and MAD Team. Congratulations on your win. It wasn’t even close! What’s the team condition like right now? Thank you. Our team condition is getting better every game. You guys played MAD Team at Rift Rivals earlier this year. How have your team changed since then? During Rift Rivals, we were able to learn from many other teams and apply what we have learned to our team. So we...

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[League of Legends] FNC Bwipo on Bot Lane sub: It’s something we keep in the back pocket

FNC destroyed G-Rex in convincing fashion today. We caught up with FNC Bwipo on their dominating win and his thoughts on groups. Congratulations on your win against G-Rex today. You’re now 2-1 and look to exit the group in dominating fashion. How is Fnatic feeling right now? I haven’t got to talk to my teammates yet. But I’m pretty sure we’re satisfied with what happened. The thing to take away the most is that we took the game slow despite having an advantage. I feel like we can always take the game slow at our own pace and macro...

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