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Author: Tania Mae

Exclusive: Chawy on sharing with Westdoor, AHQ and Home

Ahq made their run at Rift Rivals Red 2017 in 3 games. Mid laner Wong ‘Chawy’ Xing-Lei only played the first match against RNG. On Taliyah, he roamed bot for an early first blood and held his own in lane. Despite being up in gold till 30 minutes, RNG’s initiative and team fighting eventually took over. In spring, Chawy was ahq’s starter. However this summer’s LMS he has been sharing mid lane with Westdoor and overall, less games played. He is determined to press on nonetheless. We sat down with the pride of our nation and caught up with...

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Exclusive: SwordArt on LMS performance and SKT T1 Wolf

Flash Wolves bounced back from their loss to SKT T1 and put up a good performance against LPL’s WE today at Rift Rivals Red 2017. We sat down with FW support SwordArt for an exclusive interview. LMS went 2-1 on Day 2 of Rift Rivals. What do you think of the region’s performance? SwordArt: I think all our teams did pretty well today. Definitely much better than we expected! We’re excited. How do you feel about LMS’s chances going into the semifinals? I think despite what others say, LMS has always been a very competitive region. Most importantly, we...

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Rift Rivals Red Exclusive: Spotlight on Samsung

Samsung Galaxy is the only LCK team to open Rift Rivals 2017 playing two games. They were against LMS’s J-Team and LPL’s EDG on Day 1. Despite J-Team’s early leads gained by Elise, Renekton and Corki, Samsung kept their cool. CoreJJ’s Tahm Kench denied many kills while Orianna and Varus were happy to wave clear, scale and zone with Rumble in team fights. (Photo credit:  In their second match, a more typical side of LCK was shown. Despite EDG’s aggressive pick-comp utilizing Ashe and Taliyah, SSG worked the map. (Photo credit:  Ambition thinks that the region’s strong macro game...

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SGCL: the Tertiary Story

Leading to the Singapore Campus League (SGCL) finals on 1st and 2nd July, we bid our farewell to the last 2 tertiary institutions who got knocked out of the quarterfinals. Victoria Junior College (VJC) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) fought their way through 2 double elimination qualifying rounds to emerge top 8 among 190 teams represented by 103 schools across the country before dropping out. The only campus-based League of Legends competition organized by Garena, SGCL is comprised of full-time students who compete against each other for the glory of their school. Renowned for their academic prestige,...

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SKT T1 Exclusive Interview: Faker’s Plants, and SKT’s Favorite Coffee Flavors

Our resident League of Legends fanatic Tania Mae had the opportunity to ask SKT some fun questions about the players outside the context of League of Legends during their stint at MSI – read on as we find out what their favorite drinks, and more tidbits about the players outside of League of Legends. (Read more about our recap of SKT’s journey in MSI: Recipe for Excellence: SKT T1 Exclusive) General Starbucks is a popular choice for SKT backstage. What are your favorite flavors? Huni likes Americano other players like the kinds of sweet coffee. Faker doesn’t drink coffee he only...

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