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Author: Tania Mae

Exclusive: SKT Peanut “kkOma told me, Blank is waiting for you down there.”

In SK Telecom T1’s quarterfinals match against Misfits, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho started in game one with a 81% kill participation on Sejuani. They won convincingly. In game two however, despite being on an early game jungler, Peanut’s Jarvan IV did not make an impact. When Misfits applied pressure bot side, he was walking from base. When Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok needed pressure at mid, he was a bit too far for a counter-gank. As expected, Kang “Blank” Sun-gu then took his place in all remaining games. SKT Peanut is not ROX Peanut. In many ways, we have yet to see...

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Getting Real with SKT T1 Huni: ‘I’ve improved a lot as a person and professionally.’

SK Telecom T1 are through to the semifinals after being pushed to game 5 by Misfits. A monumental series that forced SKT to adapt, adjust, and tweak their drafts to inch out the Misfits line up, Seung “Huni” Hoon Heo’s performance was an important factor to victory. Before Worlds, SKT had to make a decision on whether Ui “Untara” Jin-Park or Huni would be the sole top laner coming onto the international stage. Despite Untara’s LCK Summer showing, Huni was chosen and has been delivering. Since the group stage, he’s shown outstanding skill on Cho’gath and more recently, Jayce...

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Last March Out: ahq Chawy on his Career, Worlds and the Future

The first time I saw him was in a dimly lit hundred-seater stadium. The Taipei Assassins had just won the World Championship 2012 a month before. My country’s representatives, the Singapore Sentinels (SGS), rose above teams from Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam to reach the finals of the first ever Garena Premier League (GPL). SGS were about to face the reigning World Champions for the first time since they earned that title. If they manage to beat them, it will be huge. “They have a chance. I believe in them!” I told myself. Like everyone else, SGS were crushed...

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Exclusive: LZ Cuzz “Khan is very aggressive, as a jungler it can be a little tough on me.”

Two veterans, two rookies and one Khan/Rascal. They are Longzhu Gaming and they are set to go all the way to the finals. After dismantling SK Telecom T1 in the 2017 LCK Summer playoffs, Korea’s first seed is the only team that went a perfect 6-0 in the group stage. Not all six games were stomps, however. The Gigabyte Marines was the one opponent who pushed Longzhu all the way into their base. At its peak, GAM held a whooping 10.8k gold lead. For the first time, we got to see Longzhu play from behind. How will Longzhu fair...

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Exclusive: SKT Bang “The most important value of ADC players is to not die.”

How uncanny it is, that SK Telecom T1 defeat EDward Gaming in the same fashion two times, for two weeks in a row. For three-quarters of the game, SKT had no kills. The gold lead extends to near 10k. EDG gets Baron. EDG breaks SKT’s base. EDG takes down a few inhibitors. Victory is so near. EDG can taste it. Except, they were never allowed to touch SKT’s nexus. With a late game team composition comprising Orianna and Twitch, SKT’s team-fighting prowess in both matches sealed EDG’s fate as China’s number one seed bowed out of Worlds 2017. In...

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