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Runes Reforged – By the Numbers

With Season 7 coming to an end, big changes are coming to League of Legends. From franchising to Blue Essence changes, the game is evolving as a whole, and with it comes one things that affect players, from professionals to casuals alike. Runes Reforged, a complete overhaul of the old runes and masteries that League of Legends ran since day one, is here to stay. Here is the quick guide to each rune in the tree, with specific runes pointed out for visibility. Those runes not mentioned are more or less not needed to be covered as they are extremely direct. Precision Fleet Footwork This looks like a replacement for Warlord’s bloodlust, but in actual fact, it is much weaker. In comparison, Warlord’s bloodlust heals for 5-40% (Based on level) AD, while Fleet Footwork heals for 5-50 (+0.1 bonus AD, +0.2 AP). This means that Fleet Footwork gets outscaled hard by Warlord’s bloodlust later on, despite a tiny bonus early game. Movement speed is 1.0s as opposed to the old 0.75s though. Overheal This extra shield is 10% + 10 of your total HP. But the main point of contention is that what goes into the shield. Your own excess healing is only 30% effective, while allies has a 300% effectiveness. This means that this is looking at your support, rather than whether you went for the healing sustain...

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The Best of the Best: Standout Players in Worlds 2017

League of Legends Worlds 2017 is definitely a much more eventful tournament than the predecessors. We have stories coming in such as the near-dethroning of SK Telecom T1 by both Royal Never Give Up and Misfits, the actual dethroning of SK Telecom T1 by Samsung Galaxy, the North America Week Two special, Fnatic’s miracle 0-4/4-0 run and many more. With that being said, let’s look into the top players that made this Worlds an interesting event. Top lane Best Role Player: Samsung Galaxy’s Cuvee is a standout player who has brought out the best in his team. Boasting of the 3rd place GPM at 407 and 3rd highest CSM at 9.1 speaks of his laning strength, but what truly stands out is his extremely high %Dmg of his team at 24.9% and his WPM at 0.66. His stats are second to only SK Telecom T1’s Huni and Longzhu Gaming’s Rascal, the latter who has only played one game at Worlds, and he has been key in creating small leads even despite an unfavorable matchup.     Runner Up: Team Solomid’s Hauntzer was a shining light in what was an unexpected tragedy for the team. Despite going 3-4 and being eliminated in group stage, Hauntzer still has a strong showing, standing 5th among Top laners in both CSMĀ  (8.7) and GPM (377), while holding 4th in %Dmg (24.4%). He has...

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