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Author: Quisquis

[TI8] Main Stage Day 1 Previews and Expectations

Main Event – Day 1 Schedule The International 2018 has delivered so far with great games, and very close standings – especially the crazy Group B fiesta. With the Group Stage results, we saw Invictus Gaming and Pain Gaming take an early exit out of the tournament. The top upper bracket teams (Team Liquid and VGJ.Storm) then had the ability to choose who to match up against, similar to the top lower bracket teams (Fnatic and Newbee). After choosing, the remaining teams have to face off against the lower-seeded team on the opposing group. With that, we have the...

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Hyperplay – A Review

On 4th and 5th August, Riot and MTV teamed up to host Hyperplay, the first integrated ASEAN esports and music festival happening at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Possibly the biggest esport event since Worlds came to in 2014, Hyperplay wanted to bring in the crowd through two key cultural youth trends in both esports and music. With the top qualifying teams representing 10 different countries in SouthEast Asia, the event was shaping up to be a great regional event. Some quick thoughts before diving in: Esports: The games were top notch – pleasantly more competitive than expected. The Grand...

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[Hyperplay] The Kuala Lumpur Hunters defeat Vietnam’s Super Star Destroyers in the Grand Finals

An Epic Grand Finals It was a showdown in the Grand Finals of Hyperplay as Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Hunters upset the then-undefeated Vietnam Super Star Destroyers. Coming in as the favorites, the Super Star Destroyers immediately showed signs of weakness as KLH took control of Game 1 by taking away SSD’s Jayce. Not to be outdone, SSD took Jayce away from ArrHedge in Game 2, but quickly found out the terror that is ArrHedge’s Zoe – quickly racking up those Mejai stacks and securing the series by bursting SSD’s botlaners with one Paddle Star. We had the opportunity to...

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Dota Weekly: China Supermajor, Direct TI Invites, DPC 2019, Short Film Contest (Week of 4th June)

The China Supermajor The China Supermajor is underway and has been living up to expectations so far. Great format (Groups + Double Elim) – No BO1s. No team eliminated in the first day, and groups turned out to be very balanced. Good streaming platform. On Twitch, as people would like it. Amazing production and content. Check out PGL’s art and wallpaper downloads that they’ve kindly shared. We've added 16 NEW comic book style #dota2 Hero wallpapers to our Drive folder with shareable #art. Enjoy! And dont forget to watch for more #supermajor madness, from PGL and @PWRD_DOTA2 –

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Dota Weekly: ESL One Birmingham, 7.16, and Roster Changes (27th May)

Esports / Dota Pro Circuit ESL One Birmingham Virtus Pro shows their strength yet again VP was undefeated throughout the entire ESL One Birmingham tournament. In no surprise, the top DPC team made quick work of OpTic Gaming, with a clean 3-0 sweep in the grand finals. No[o]ne was awarded the MVP, getting a second Mercedes-Benz for the team. Criticism on Tournament Format ESL faced heavy criticism yet again with their choice of format for ESL One Birmingham – with Three groups of 4 teams each, where the bottom 2 of each group is eliminated. The issue lied in...

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