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Author: Quisquis

ESL One Genting – Picks and Bans

ESL One Genting is the first major tournament in patch 7.00 and beyond, and this is the first time we’re seeing the top tier teams play this patch. Since the patch is new, the meta is arguably nowhere close to being solved, which can be seen in the varying styles the teams are trying out. Something very apparent though – the game is now very fast paced and focused on heroes that can join teamfights without waiting for big ultimates like Enigma’s Black Hole, Void’s Chronosphere, and Tidehunter’s Ravage. This does not mean that heroes with long cooldowns are...

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DotA 2 Patch 7.00 Analysis

The 7.00 patch notes are out on the test realm and will hit the live servers in a few days. Quick takeaways: Supports now have more things to do, and have a clearer goal. Stack camps on odd minutes, and go for runes on even minutes. Gank anytime in between. Shrines make the game faster paced. Less going back early in the game. With less neutrals spawning, there is more incentive to fight and gank rather than stay in jungle. (By implication, jungling and static farming is inefficient now) Supports will have an easier time to catch up in...

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A New Era – 7.00

So the big patch is coming in a two hours – what we thought was 6.89 is announced to be 7.00 instead. All we know is Monkey King is making an appearance as the first DotA 2 hero (all the heroes thus far are original DotA ports). So what does 7.00 signify? Here are my speculations: New, original heroes (obviously!) and mechanics Monkey King was the only thing revealed about this coming patch, but this definitely signifies a slew of new heroes. What’s exciting about this however is not just having a bigger pool of heroes to choose from, and as...

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