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Author: Quisquis

ESL One Genting Group Stages – Day 2 Rundown, Day 3 Predictions

ESL Genting Day 2 ended off with 4 more teams eliminated, and so far, the fastest and longest games of the whole Minor. Shortest Game: Mineski vs LFY – 18:09. I’ve never seen a match so one-sided before. Mineski were in control from the beginning of the game. Nana completely denies the Shadow Fiend at mid, and Mineski create enough space for Mushi to get 71 CS @ 10 minutes. Longest Game: Fnatic vs Vici Gaming – 91:36. Probably one for the books. Fnatic get mega creeps, but Vici Gaming were able to hold for a good 30 minutes before...

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The Ohaiyo Saga Fallout

We’re following the events happening around the Fnatic roster change involving Ohaiyo. After the initial announcement, there was much speculation around the community, with people showing frustrations with EternalEnvy and the Fnatic organization, and strong opinions from some players and managers in the region. Here’s a quick timeline of events. Click on each to read more. Mineski Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Kenchi Yap posts about Fnatic securing a major slot and kicking a player. This is where all speculation started. Fnatic announces Ohaiyo’s departure Ohaiyo shares his feelings on how everything was handled Fnatic releases a statement clarifying the...

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Fnatic drops Ohaiyo, Universe to join team as Offlaner

Update (13th Jan), Ohaiyo has confirmed that he has indeed left Fnatic: Sources have confirmed that Ohaiyo has been removed from Fnatic today, shortly after qualifying for the ESL One Katowice Major. Universe has also been reported to already be in Malaysia, staying not far away from the Fnatic team house.  Ohaiyo was the last remaining member of the original Malaysian Fnatic squad that debuted in 2015. Mineski Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Kenchi Yap expressed his outrage over the situation: Back in January 3, there was already speculation in the DotA 2 community that Universe was slated to join a SEA...

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Words 2017 Day 6 Summary

Things are picking up as half of the groups have been resolved. RNG has surprised the world by taking a commanding 5-1 over Samsung, only dropping a game against G2 Esports. Today’s games should be very interesting, with a three way tie. I do expect TSM to make it out of the group, along with Misfits. The Flash Wolves are not totally out of contention though – but at best they’ll make it for a tie breaker for 2nd...

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Words 2017 Day 3 Summary

Day 3 had its own mix of tight games, and stomps. Three of the games had 0 kills on one side of the team – RNG, Misfits, and G2 all won in dominating fashion. EDG has dropped to a very difficult 0-3, and their chances of making it out of group A look very bleak. Galio and Kalista were still generally banned, though Galio got through one game and RNG just dominated SSG with it. Oddly enough, Leblanc and Gnar made it to the top of bans for Day 3, while Sejuani moves from most banned to most picked....

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