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Author: Quisquis

Malaysian Youth Minister Syed Saddiq and Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan Pledge RM 20 Million in support of Malaysian Esports

Announced earlier in Malaysia’s Belanjawan 2019, the country has set aside RM 10 million in development of esports for the youth. Championed by Syed Saddiq, Minister of Youth and Sports, the announcement was echoed on Twitter and delighted the Malaysian community. To which Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer and a citizen of neighboring country Singapore, has committed to matching the RM 10 million in 2019. This RM 20 million commitment from two of the biggest esports evangelists in the region is the biggest committed investment to date, and through an official government channel nonetheless. Bro, it's an incredibly progressive budget for...

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GESC CEO Oskar Feng already looking for funding for a new “Project Hero” despite payment issues coming to light

If you’re not caught up with the latest news about GESC’s failure to pay teams and talent, read below (under the heading GESC). Meanwhile, we’re covering new details that have emerged for GESC CEO Oskar Feng’s efforts for more funding, despite all of the mentioned issues. “Project Hero” We’ve received a copy of their presentation to potential investors for the aforementioned project. To protect our sources, the slides have been scrubbed and screenshotted. They include the following slides that are very deceptive: Note that in the full deck, there was no mention of GESC at all, nor did they...

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Mineski Pro Team announces new roster for 2018-2019 DPC season

Mineski had a respectable 2017-2018 season, winning the DAC Major in a magical run, defeating the TI8 Grand Finalists LGD twice in that tournament. The mixed SEA team then seemed to have lost their momentum coming into TI8, placing Top 12. A New Mineski for 2018-2019 Mineski rounds up their roster by adding former MVP Phoenix teammates Kpii and febby, and JT- from Geekfam (formerly known as March, but not to be confused with the Korean/former MVP.Phoenix player). On paper, this looks like an exciting mix – with Mushi moving to Position 5 and taking on the captain role, and...

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[TI8] OG Win TI8 in a Cinderella Run, and Post-TI Team Rundown

The Grand Finals: OG vs PSG.LGD Rematch Result: OG 3-2 PSG.LGD Dotabuff Possibly the best Grand Finals in TI history – 5 game series, and an incredible redemption story. The first OG-PSG.LGD matchup was a close one – it boiled down to one teamfight in Game 3 that could really have been anyone’s game, except that JerAx saved OG with an epic Echo Slam, which allowed OG to take the game while two of LGD’s cores were dead. LGD on the other hand seemed to figure things out – with Somnus M/Maybe having great games against EG, cleaning them...

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[TI8] Main Event Day 5: OG secures a Grand Finals Spot, EG Survive, and TWO NEW HEROES!

Two New Heroes At the end of the last series of the day, two cinematic trailers were shown for two new heroes – Mars and Grimstroke. Grimstroke Available NOW. Grimstroke is a ranged support with a very packed skillset. His ultimate, Soulbind, shackles two enemy heroes together. They can’t walk far away from each other, and any single target spells cast on one, will also affect the other. Read more about Grimstroke: Mars Little is currently known about Mars. However, it could be a code name as well – Dark Willow was codenamed Sylph in the leaks. Mars also...

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