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Author: Quisquis

Words 2017 Day 6 Summary

Things are picking up as half of the groups have been resolved. RNG has surprised the world by taking a commanding 5-1 over Samsung, only dropping a game against G2 Esports. Today’s games should be very interesting, with a three way tie. I do expect TSM to make it out of the group, along with Misfits. The Flash Wolves are not totally out of contention though – but at best they’ll make it for a tie breaker for 2nd...

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Words 2017 Day 3 Summary

Day 3 had its own mix of tight games, and stomps. Three of the games had 0 kills on one side of the team – RNG, Misfits, and G2 all won in dominating fashion. EDG has dropped to a very difficult 0-3, and their chances of making it out of group A look very bleak. Galio and Kalista were still generally banned, though Galio got through one game and RNG just dominated SSG with it. Oddly enough, Leblanc and Gnar made it to the top of bans for Day 3, while Sejuani moves from most banned to most picked....

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Words 2017 Day 2 Summary

Day 2 for League of Legends was filled with exciting games – watch EDG vs SKT especially among all the other games. Notably, Galio and Kalista were banned for every match, and unsurprisingly, Cho’Gath, Jarvan, Janna, Xayah, and Lulu are top picks. I personally don’t expect the meta to change much, as it seems pretty solved for this patch at this point, but I would love to see it shake up. Look out for more action in Day 3, particularly TSM vs WE, SSG vs RYL, and C9 vs...

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Zenway Productions takes the heartlands by storm with The Seletar Mall Esports Festival!

Zenway Productions takes the heartlands by storm with The Seletar Mall Esports Festival!   And it’s a wrap! With over 700 participants and spectators, The Seletar Mall Esports Festival is our biggest event yet! With close to SGD$20,000 of cash and prizes, participants battled it out over a course of 7 days. Read on to find out the action you’ve missed out on! Mobile Legends team J3X and Impunity in the heat of battle Mobile Legends team J3X and Impunity in the heat of battle   With 37 teams entering the arena, the qualifiers for the group stages of...

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PUBG September Update – New gun, town, weather, and optimizations!

The development team in PUBG has changed their update schedule to be less frequent to allow more time to spend on implementing, testing, and fixing new features. This month’s patch features: A new gun: Mini-14 A new town: Kameshki, found to the East of Stalber New weather effect: Foggy weather, which gives reduced visibility OPTIMIZATION! *The update is pretty huge at 5GB, so better patch it as soon as you can so you can play! PUBG has been breaking records, and I do love the changes that they’re making. I feel that additional guns will make it less obvious...

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