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Author: Ashley Kang

Kuzan, former mid-laner for Jin Air, joins ROX Tigers

Lee “Kuzan” Seong-hyuk, the former mid-laner for Jin Air Greenwings, has joined ROX Tigers for LCK 2018.  He will be playing as ROX Tigers’ mid laner along with Kim “Lava” Tae-hoon, official sources told. 2018년, #ROXTigers 에 새롭게 합류한 미드 라이너 #Kuzan #이성혁 선수를 소개합니다! 이성혁 선수의 합류로 더욱 강해진 호랑이들의 활약을 기대해주세요! 🐯😙 그리고, 새로운 유니폼 공개는 덤! 다른 선수들의 프로필 사진은 추후 공개 예정 입니다! 팬 여러분들의 많은 기대 부탁드려요! 🤗 — ROX Tigers (@LOL_Tigers) December 27, 2017 ROX Tigers has announced Kuzan’s addition to the team through their official twitter, full translation below: 2018, we...

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Rumor: Longzhu Cuzz potentially joins the new LPL team owned by ASUS

This is a rumor; Longzhu Gaming’s substitute jungler, Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan may be moving to LPL to join the new ASUS team. In Korean forums, fans have pointed out that in Baidu’s FA List, Cuzz is listed as a free agent.  Meanwhile, in Inven, fans have quoted Weibo and said that Cuzz may be joining ASUS’s new League of Legend team Rogue Warrior alongside Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang, Han “Smlz” Jin and Chen “Mouse” Yu-Hao. Korean fans suggested that as Peanut joins Longzhu Gaming as the senior, high-caliber jungler, Cuzz will most likely be pushed as a substitute in the next season; which...

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RapidStar joins FlyQuest as the strategic coach, reunites with CJ Entus/Azubu teammate Flame

On 20th of December, FlyQuest formally announced its 2018 NACLS staff through its official Twitter account, welcoming Jung “RapidStar” Min-sung as the strategic coach, as well as the formal Immortals coach Robert Yip as the head coach. Presenting our #NALCS staff for 2018! Welcome to the #FLYFAM 💛 📖: — FlyQuest (@FlyQuestSports) December 19, 2017 A Career 7 Years in the Making Most of the Western audience will remember RapidStar as one of the SKT coaches, but not many fans know that RapidStar has a long and rich career history, going back as far as the legendary...

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Ik-su “Ikssu” Jeon leaves Jin Air Greenwings; becomes a Bitcoin Investor

No, this is not April’s Fools, and you’re not reading The Onion. Ikssu has officially announced that he will be at least temporarily retiring from professional scene to become an independent Bitcoin investor. The whereabouts of Ikssu, the formal top-laner of Jin Air Greenwings, have had many LCK fans speculating. On November 2017, Jin Air released a public statement that Ikssu did not renew his contract and that he left from Jin Air Greenwings team. However, no other news about Ikssu was heard after that, and fans were left wondering whether Ikssu was still a free agent or had left...

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Longzhu PraY: “All-Stars is no longer the festival that it used to be”

  On 14th of December, Longzhu Gaming Kim “PraY” Jong-in came on his personal stream and to share his thoughts and experiences with 2017 All-Stars Events. PraY was voted represented LCK All-Stars team along with CuVee, Ambition, Faker and Gorilla. In his review stream, PraY shared his All-Stars episodes with his Korean fans, including his interactions with Faker and CuVee, his 1v1 Garen duel with Rekkles; and why he believed that “All-Stars is no longer the festival that it used to be.” All-Stars was too competitive this year In previous years, the LoL All-Stars Events have been a yearly...

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