Impunity faced off against Resurgence in the finals of the Singapore Esports National Selections for AOV. Unfortunately, even though they did have convincing games against Dyna Mite earlier in the day, they were no match for Resurgence’s well oiled drafts and executions.

We spoke to Impunity’s Smokey for his thoughts on their performance in the finals.

Unfortunately, Impunity didn’t manage to win today. However, there was a game that you almost beat RSG on. What are your thoughts on your team’s performance today?

I feel that given the limited amount of time we had; our team was formed a week ago, so we’ve only been training for around three days. I feel that we’ve made quite an impact even though they did beat us in every game. I’m also quite happy with my performance as a new player in competitive AoV. I’m proud of my performance, but we can do better.

What’s next for Impunity?

We’re going to be taking a short break. Two of our players, me included, are going to compete in another game Honour of Kings, before we come back into full gear to train a proper esports team with training time invested into it. We’ll come back stronger and going forward, we hope we can represent Singapore in tournaments like the SEA Games.

Speaking of training, how many hours did you train for the tournament?

We were in a boot camp for two days and one night. Each day we trained for at least 8 – 10 hours not inclusive of strategy planning discussion.

If you were to give your team an MVP, who would it be?

I think it’s Latte. He held the lane very well by himself and was very vocal when we wanted to set up ganks. I think his adaptation to our play style helped us a lot. Even though we didn’t we, we did place pressure from his lane.

There is a large gap in strength in between teams right now. What do you think can be improved in the AoV Scene?

I feel that AoV has not too many players. I feel that marketing the game is really important. If not too many people know about the game, then the competitive scene will suffer as a result. For example, with Honour of Kings, it’s amazingly huge that there are so many tournaments available. AoV is still the less popular Mobile MOBA in Singapore, so the player pool for competitive esport is also reduced.

Is there anything you wish to say to your friends and family for supporting you?

I really want to thank my team for pulling out the time to train together. I feel that if we didn’t train for those two to three days, we wouldn’t have put up such a good fight. I also want to thank my coach, Check for taking time off his work to come down to our bootcamp and help us with our drafting, picks and training. I also want to thank the Impunity sponsors for letting us have a team we can call our own. Having the connections to a coach is just so important.

We look forward to seeing Impunity again in the coming AOV tournaments.