Update: Garena AOV just announced the server merge of Valiant server into Indonesian servers. This comes after the server merge done with League of Legends a month prior.

Chinese games giant Tencent has allegedly abandoned plans to grow Arena of Valor in the West.

Sources tell Reuters that the company has even disbanded the game’s marketing team in the US and Europe and is reconsidering its strategy for overseas territories.

Arena of Valor, which is a Westernised version of Tencent’s flagship MOBA Honor of Kings, was released in 2017 but has struggled to gain the traction the original enjoys back home in China.

Tencent has now all but written off its original plans for “Arena of Valor” and disbanded the game’s marketing team for Europe and the United States, two company sources with direct knowledge of the matter said.

“In those markets, we are really just letting it live or die on its own course,” one source said, adding the game currently has just 100,000 daily active users in Europe and 150,000 in North America.

AWC 2019 is still the largest AoV tournament to be held in 2019

It is not known what this leak will entail for markets in the East. As of now, the AWC 2019 is slated to be hosted in June 2019. The 30th SEA Games will also still be hosting the game as a medalled esports event in November 2019.

It is also not known what the collaboration with DC Comics for their Superheroes will be like after this leak.

More details to follow as they unfold.