From left to right : Bjorn ‘Zeys‘ Ong, Dabbie ‘813‘ Lim, Marcus ‘Marclaren’ Lee, Renfred ‘Elespresso’ Ng, Chris ‘Yueyah’ Ong

The Singapore Esports National Selections for AOV concluded Saturday 25 May 2019. After a shaky start in Game 1, Resurgence found their groove and easily swept through the entire competition of Dyna Mite and Impunity. Resurgence never lost a single game in the entire tournament to convincingly secure their Nomination as the Singapore representative in the 30th SEA Games.

Dabbie ‘813‘ Lim, deciding on the picks and bans for the final game

We spoke to Resurgence’s Team Captain, Dabbie ‘813’ Lim for his thoughts on a very successful tournament.

Congratulations on winning in a convincing 3-0 sweep. What were your thoughts when you realized you were going to win?

My mind was quite blank actually. I’m just glad that we won and we get to represent Singapore. It would be a very proud moment if we do get to represent Singapore.

If nominated, you will have close to 5 months to prepare for SEA Games. What will the team be doing to prepare for the tournament?

We will be having frequent scrims against teams from different regions. We will have discussions on different strategies and drafts as well.

Speaking of which, M8.HEXA have already qualified for Malaysia. What are your thoughts on potentially facing against them?

I think the Singapore-Malaysia rivalry in other sports has been there since the start. Meeting against M8, I feel that our chances are high. We know each other very well, so we’ll try our best against them and try to come up with strategies to match their style.

Are there any other teams that are on your radar as well?

I believe Philippines will be starting their selection soon. Team Liyab is one of the stronger contenders. Thailand and Vietnam all have strong teams as well. So I think that these three countries are teams that I’ll be looking forward to meeting.

What did you think of IMP’s performance today? Do you have any words to say to your competitor?

I think they did well. They probably had certain hero restrictions or draft issues they couldn’t sort out. But overall, I feel like they did well. I hope that Impunity will continue working hard as well. There are upcoming tournaments for them to look forward to.

As captain, what did you think of your team’s performance today?

I think the first game was quite rocky for us. We lacked practice due to all our multiple commitments. However, after the first game, we pretty much got the hang of it and steamrolled every game after that.

So if you were to give your team a score out of 10, what would it be? Why?

I think I’ll give a 7. There is a lot of room for improvement.

Who would you say was the MVP in the Final? Why?

I’d like to give it to Elespresso. He played pretty well. His positioning and co-ordination with me allowed me to get all my crowd control spells in.

I noticed that your team was very aggressive in your matches today. Is this just the meta or something else?

It was partly meta. But for us, we just decided to play more aggressive after the first game.

Zeys also picked Wonder Woman in the last game today. What was the reasoning behind the pick?

Due to the Global Ban Pick rule, our Jungler was pretty much restricted. After contemplating for quite some time, we decided on Wonder Woman. We were also lacking in a bit of a frontline tank and Wonder Woman was the perfect pick.

Speaking of which, what are your thoughts on the Global Ban Pick rules?

It makes the game more interesting than everyone using the same heroes over and over. It forces players to pick and learn more heroes that they have never learned before.

What would you say to players who aspire to play competitive AoV in Singapore and Malaysia?

I think the biggest obstacle will be to convince parents that esports is not just gaming or wasting time. Players will also need to find time outside of their busy schedule to train and improve.

Finally, do you have any words for the friends and family who have supported you thus far?

I’d like to thank them very much. Also, thank my colleagues for understanding when I have to take time off work. I might not have spent much time with my family and close ones, but they have always been supporting me throughout this whole journey.

813 and Resurgence now awaits the decision from the Singapore National Olympic Council to be elected as a representative for the 30th SEA Games. If selected, they will fly the flag for Singapore in Philippines in November this year against powerhouses of Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia.